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Paramount Pictures to Open Murcia Theme Park

30 September 2013
There are still plenty of positive statements coming out from official sources about construction of the Murcia Paramount theme park starting soon. But very little substance and no firm evidence of the investment needed to build this, expected to be in excess of €1 billion. The regional minister for tourism in Murcia, Pedro Alberto Cruz, stated recently that licences would be granted for construction to begin on the park by December 2013 although initial clearance work of the site (currently orange groves) could "begin within days". Our advice remains the same for buying property in Murcia. Buyers should buy for what exists at present and there are plenty of positives. Not least of all the climate and prices. The Paramount theme park is a bonus if it happens.
10 May 2013
Latest news is yet another approval of the Paramount Theme Park in Alhama by the regional government in the last few days. But quite frankly it means nothing until Premursa, the development company behind the project, get the investment funds to proceed. There are no signs of that at this point. This whole project has become a political circus and nobody should consider this as a factor for buying property in Murcia until some solid news of investment in the project comes forward. When it does we will post an update here. Plans for a similar project, Paramount Kent in the UK are also suffering delays.
1 June 2012
The company behind the Paramount Theme Park in Murcia (PREMURSA) yesterday laid the first stone in its construction in an opening ceremony in Alhama. The construction of the theme park is expected to take three years with its opening scheduled for 2015. It will include four themed areas and two themed hotels. No investors have yet committed to funding the theme park's construction and this week the Murcia regional government was looking at ways that it could help with the funding. Our advice to prospective property buyers remains unchanged. If the theme park opens in 2015 it will be a huge bonus. But don't buy a property purely on this basis. With over 60% price reduction and a new airport early in 2012 there are plenty of reasons for investment besides the possibility of a theme park.
8 March 2012
Premursa has this week purchased 1 million square metres of land for the Paramount project at a cost of 15 million Euros and the company expects to start construction of the theme park in May.
21 December 2011 
Premursa, the company behind Paramount Park has excercised its option to buy the land for the Paramount Park and Lifestyle centre in Murcia at a cost of 15 million Euros. Jesús Samper, President and CEO of PREMURSA described the move as "a considerable step toward the project's execution".  
4 October 2011
Plans along with a promotional video for the Paramount theme park to be based in Alhama, Murcia were revealed in Madrid today. The park is scheduled to open by Easter 2015. Work is expected to begin on the theme park early in 2012. The theme park will create over 22,000 jobs and is expected to attract 2.7 million visitors in its first year. The theme park location is just 10 minutes from the Condado de Alhama resort, 30 minutes from Mar Menor and 40 minutes from Hacienda Riquelme. These, our three best selling resorts this year, have seen huge demand due to the half price bargains being offered by the banks, starting at €72,000 with 90% mortgages. But it is only while the stock lasts and we are already struggling to meet property requirements for some clients. Anybody looking to pick up a bargain needs to act quickly. Property is selling fast and with the new airport opening in six months plus the theme park development there is no guarantee that banks will continue to sell at these prices. Please call our main UK office on +44 (0)208 429 7115.
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30 September 2011
The official presentation of the Paramount theme park to be based in Murcia is to take place in Madrid on Tuesday 4th October. Those scheduled to attend include the President of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the Vice President of Paramount Licensing Inc., Mike Bartok, and President and CEO of Flagship Projects Murcianos (Premursa) – the project development company - Jesus Samper. In an interview last July, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Pedro Alberto Cruz, said the Paramount theme park in Murcia, which will be the largest in Spain and the second largest in Europe, will begin construction between February and March next year (2012) and is expected to open in 2015. 
24 March 2011
Further detailed plans for the Paramount theme park to be built in Murcia were revealed on Friday. Jesus Samper, President for the company responsible for the project along with executives from Paramount licensing, revealed that the theme park will take four years to construct and will open in 2015. By 2020 the theme park is expected to attract five million visitors per year, that’s 50% more than Porta Ventura, currently Spain’s largest theme park.
The park is to be built on 108 acres of land in Alhama de Murcia just 20 minutes from the new international airport at Corvera which opens early in 2012 and 20 minutes from the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor.
The location of the park is just ten minutes from the Condado de Alhama resort. With over 300 days of sunshine and an average temperature of 21 degrees in the region, Samper described the park as the “envy of Europe”. The park will feature four main areas. 

Theme Park Zones

The first area called “City Adventure” will include three major attractions. One of them will be based on the film Titanic and will feature a huge reproduction of the ocean liner. This area will also host one of three roller coasters to be built in the park based on “The Italian Job” and a virtual reality feature entitled “Mission Impossible”.
Murcia Resorts PropertyThe second area, “Lost Valley”, will feature a water ride recreating a trip down the Congo river along with a recreation of the crypt from Tomb Raider and a rollercoaster based on the legend of Beowulf.
Especially designed for children is the “Woodland Fantasy” area. A more tranquil offering, dominated by a large tree and featuring magic workshops and interactive adventures including one based on the “Spiderwick Chronicles”.
Plaza Futura is the cutting edge technology area which will feature Star Trek and a spectacular recreation of “War of the Worlds”. Not for the faint hearted this area will feature a passage of terror based on the feature film “Paranormal Activity”.
The centerpiece of the park will be an avenue flanked by hotels, restaurants and a shopping centre with a pavilion focusing on the attractions of the region of Murcia and Spain.
Over one billion Euros is to be invested in the park which will employ in excess of 10,000 people during the course of construction. The park will also contain an auditorium with capacity for 15,000 people and the largest convention centre in the region of Murcia capable of accommodating over 3,000 people in its main hall.
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Earlier Breaking News Stories.....

3 March 2011
According to La Verdad newspaper this week the draft plans for the Paramount Theme Park in Murcia show an area the size of 109 football pitches with a water park and four hotels. The resort is to be the centre of Paramount film in Europe. Representatives from Paramount were in Murcia this week to continue working on the project. More detailed plans for the Paramount Resort are expected within the month.
4 February 2011
We understand from press reports that the favoured location for the theme park is now at the Sierra Alhama location, about 5km from Condado de Alhama resort and 30 minutes drive from the other Polaris World resorts. All is expected to be clarified once detailed plans are published.
10 January 2011
We await detailed plans for the theme park in Alhama including facilities, rides and definitive location which are all expected in the first few months of 2011. Once available we will publish here.
12 November 2010
American executives from Paramount Licensing division were in Murcia yesterday to confirm at a joint press conference that the new Paramount theme park will be built in the county of Alhama in Murcia. The land adjacent to Condado de Alhama resort has been widely reported in recent months as being the favoured site for the location of the new theme park. Jesus Samper who is heading the development company hopes to build a theme park to compete with Disneyland Paris and one that will become a "European destination in itself". Michael Bartok, Senior Vice President for Paramount Licensing hopes to finalise detailed plans for the project by April 2011.

murcia property

10 September 2010:
Major Hollywood studio Paramount Pictures has finalised negotiations and has reached a deal to open a Paramount Theme Park Murcia it was announced today. The project is expected to create 20,000 jobs and attract 3 million visitors per year to the Murcia region. Read Paramount Official Announcement.
Earlier this year the land adjacent to the Polaris World resort of Condado de Alhama was suggested by the Murcian regional government as the likely location for the Paramount project. More details are expected on the location in the coming months.
Such a big name theme park in the region will attract further projects and is expected to make Murcia one of the European hot spots for second homes in the years ahead. Murcia is just a two hour flight from the UK and offers the best winter climate in Europe.
A new international airport is set to open in 2011 at Corvera within 20 minutes of all the Polaris World resorts and close to any proposed site for the Paramount theme park
It is tremendous news for the Murcia region and further helps boosts the property market on the Polaris World resorts which have experienced climbing sales in 2010 - helped by bank repossession bargains and 100% mortgage deals. Property prices on the resorts were 40%-50% higher in 2007 and a further 3 million visitors per year, more than doubling what Murcia currently experiences, is likely to send the property market climbing from its current artificially low level.
The regional councillor for Culture and Tourism in Murcia, Pedro Cruz, said that in absolute terms “it is the most important project undertaken in the region ever”. Polaris World, perhaps the previous most important project for the region, backed by a multi million pound TV campaign, saw the construction of 10,000 holiday homes across six resorts. Putting the scale of this new project in perspective, the Murcia region is expected to be short of 15,000 hotel rooms alone.
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murcia property

3 March 2010:
Paramount Pictures has chosen the region of Murcia as a potential European location for the construction of a giant theme park to compete with Disneyland Paris.
Minister of Culture, Pedro Cruz and President of the Murcia region, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, have been in discussions with Michael Bartok, Executive Vice President of the licencing division of Paramount Pictures. The pair recently returned from a visit to Dubai with news that feasibility studies would be underway to consider a massive them park project in the region of Murcia.
Cruz said that the Region of Murcia will become the “centre of leisure for Spain” with a complex of 2.5 square kilometres, creating 20,000 jobs and providing an additional three million tourist visitors to Spain. The project will need 15,000 hotel rooms and investment plans will be considered in the coming months. The regional Government and the Ruwaad holding company, that represent Paramount in the construction of theme parks, will be looking for investment partners to make the project a reality. Executives and technicians of Ruwaad will move to the Region of Murcia in the coming months to undertake the study.
Paramount Pictures has produced a string of hollywood blockbuster films in recent years including Indianna Jones, Titanic, Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible, Transformers, Star Trek and Shrek.
Michael Bartok and Ruwaad Holdings CEO Hayan Merchant are understood to favour the region of Murcia because of it's climatic attractions, over and above other regions including Catalunia and Andalucia, both of which have been considered for the project.
Murcia is considered to be ideal due to the location of the new Corvera Airport, recently completed motorway links, the new high speed rail lines currently under construction and the fact that the region is the warmest in Spain, with an average 300 days of sunshine a year. The land adjacent to the resort at Condado de Alhama has been suggested by the regional government as a potential location for a Paramount theme park although a second choice of location is just five minutes from the resort.
Such an investment in the region will be a massive boost for property owners at who have bought second homes in the region and for the golf resorts that have been built in Murcia in the last six years.
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